Habits for Happiness is broadcast live every Friday at 8AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

I strongly believe that the path to happiness is paved with healthy habits. This idea is contrary to what most of us are taught. Most of us grow up believing that the shiny object is out there in the external world and thus, we spend our whole lives reaching for it. The irony is that all along what we are searching for is inside of us. In short, we are homesick for ourselves.

How do we access that place inside? Through habit change. Subscribe for free and listen to compelling live conversations with writers, artists, entrepreneurs and relationship experts as they join Lady to discuss the development of powerful habits for daily life.  



Lady is a certified QPR instructor and speaks to groups on the prevalence of suicide in our culture and what can be done to prevent it, especially at the corporate level. 



A Story, An Epidemic, A Cure
Are you looking to erase the stigma around discussing suicide? This docu-series ​explores all angles of the issue by talking to the groups who have been most affected: celebrities, first responders, Native Americans, military vets, and teens.

This series examines how seemingly happy, successful, affluent people succumb to suicide and why many families deny the act or attempt to cover it up. In short, we aim to start a dialogue on a topic that has been untouched for decades and show the world that ​suicide is preventable​. 

an unspeakable act


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